La fille d’O

The selection of underwear available to women on the market today by and large falls into two categories – heavily embellished super sexy pieces meant to be worn, to be removed and basic full coverage pieces that are not particularly flattering but practical for everyday wear.

La fille d’O manages to accomplish the ideal; beautiful, comfortable AND sexy.  The pieces are barely there – a whisper of fabric.  Mostly sheer and as such almost invisible, but fully supportive, providing enhancement in the simplest most natural way.   The charm and intrigue of these pieces lies in the feeling of freedom the wearer experiences as wearing La Fille d’O is like wearing nothing at all.   There are no frills or lace. Just the woman and the curves of her body.

In the world of La fille d’O,  the female form informs function.  It is underwear that seamlessly caresses the body for the perfect invisible under clothing fit and look.  La fille d’O employs simple lines and shapes that serve to enhance the contours of a woman’s body without being superfluous. The concept is centered around the notion that the body should shape the lingerie, not the other way around.  It is actualized in designs meant to support and embrace rather than pad, bind, or mold the body.



Top: Need Shiver | Bottom: Time Girl


Got cruel bodysuit

The brand is based in Belgium and offers lingerie and swim wear.  It has been the recipient of the Handmade in Belgium (HIB) distinction reserved for Belgian artisans displaying exemplary craftsmanship. Fabrics and detailing are sourced from France, Austria and Germany.


Ignition – plunge back playsuit in french nylon

La fille d’O translates to the daughter of O.  The name references the book, The Story of O written by Pauline Reage.  Before there was 50 Shades of Gray there was the Story of O.  The book proved to be a major source of inspiration for Murielle in creating the brand.    After reading The Story of O and recognizing a need in the marketplace for lingerie pieces that met her criteria, “pretty, functional AND sexy”, Murielle began designing and La fille d’O was born.  The overarching vision for the brand comes from the French word “le soutian” meaning brassiere.  It is lingerie meant to be supportive of a woman’s body and mind.


Watching  – highrise halter neck playsuit


Bonte playsuit

Each piece has a certain magic.  The La fille d’O touch, best explained as “……..alchemy for sensuality, a feast for the visually hungry.  La fille d’O brings satisfaction to the urge you never really acknowledged.”

For a peek inside the La fille d’O atelier watch the video below.