Cire Trudon

imagesCireTrudon label

I discovered Cire Trudon candles on a stormy Sunday afternoon at the Alchemist on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.  My sister asked about the name of my favorite candle which was Baies by Diptique.  Two store attendants chimed in that I should try the Cire Trudon candles so beautifully displayed under bell jars as they would definitely make rethink.  In their words, “this was a totally different type of company” turns out they were right.

Cire Trudon bell jar display

Cire Trudon is the oldest wax manufacturer in the world.  Started on Rue St Honore in 1643 by Claude Trudon a salesman and wax merchant, Cire Trudon became THE candle used by historical notables such as Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and Napoleon.  It is said that in 1811 Napoleon’s only gift to his son at birth was a Trudon candle encrusted with three pieces of gold featuring his head.  The brand survived wars and the industrial revolution.

In 2006 the house of Trudon was relaunched by Ramdane Touhami a French-Moroccan artist, fashion designer, product designer, DJ and journalist.



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